Thursday, June 2, 2011

My second trip to the dentist.

This evening I went for my second dentist visit. I am happy to report no cavities and all of my teeth are in.

So my appointment was at 5:00pm. Mommy left work late but we still made it to the dentist by 4:50. When we got there they had a movie playing in the waiting room. It was "The Sandlot" I have never seen this movie before but I loved "The Beast"

We were the last people in the waiting room. When the movie got to a part where "The Beast" was chasing the kids I yelled "Oh NO!" All the nurses and staff all started laughing at me saying I was so cute. Then it was my turn to go to a room. When we got to the room The Sandlot was playing in there too.

Before they came in to put a bib on me I posed for this one picture, but then I had enough of Mommy taking pictures. I told her "NO photoratzie"

I continued to watch my movie when the nurses came in to set everything up. The Dr Jane came in. She checked all of my teeth, told Mommy all my teeth are in and I have no cavities. Then the nurse cleaned my teeth. They all said I was very good. After the nurse took my to give me a prize. I got a new wand and a pair of sunglasses.

Since Daddy has a softball game tonight Mommy did a bad thing after the dentist. She took me to Tutti Fruiti before going home.

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gaurav said...

i hate Dentists......:).......:(