Monday, February 28, 2011

Meeting New Cousins

Today Mommy and I went to the baptism of Marianna & Damien. My new cousins. Marianna & Damien are very special like me because they are twins like me!
When Mommy and I arrived at the church we were greeted by Uncle Brian and Aunt Vivian. I immediately asked Aunt Vivian where Kiki was and she told me Kiki is in Italy. So I played with my turtles and waited for the rest of our family to arrive.

It was a nice and quick service and after the baptism we all stood around and talked a bit. I played with Uncle Brian. After we left the church we went to dinner. I slept for about an hour or so on Mommy's lap. Then enjoyed some pizza.
We had a nice Sunday afternoon with our family.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning Mommy and I went to Starbucks and when we came home Mommy notice she missed something when we left. Look how close the snow is to our house!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah

Tonight Mommy & I went to Noah's 4th Birthday Party. I was so lucky, Noah's birthday was the second Toy Story 3 birthday party I have been to in a week. I love Toy Story 3.
It was pouring rain when we got there. Mommy took me inside to have a cupcake and something to eat. After I had so much fun playing with my cousins Andrew and Noah and all of their other friends and family.
It was such a fun night Mommy and I did not get home until 9:30, which is much past my bedtime.
Tomorrow is Noah's birthday. I hope he has a great birthday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
This morning I played cupid. I went to give Valentine's to GG, Uncle Rudy, Grandma, Grandpa and all my friends at Daycare.
Mommy and I left 30 minutes early to go make all my deliveries. I was happy I got to see GG and Grandma both this morning.
I had a fun day at Daycare. Then Daddy picked me up and he and I went to get cards for Mommy. I picked a card that looked like it had Lenny from Wonder Pets. When we got home I ate dinner and colored Mommy's card before she came home.
After dinner Mommy came home and I yelled "Happy Valentine's Day" the second she walked in the door. Mommy gave me Daddy's card to finish since I was busy doing all my other Valentine's this morning.
After I was done I asked Bozzy Cat and Buster to be my Valentine's while we sat and watch Yo Gabba Gabba.
I love Valentine's Day. I can't wait for it to come again. I had so much fun today giving card's to everyone.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Super Bowl Sunday..... I am going to play outside at Uncle Johnny's

After we left Disneyland we went to Uncle Johnny's to celebrate Chip's birthday and to watch the Super Bowl. I said Happy Birthday to Chippy, ate some chips and dip (my favorite party snack) and went outside to play. Daddy took my tricycle. After a little while Raymond came over too. So there we were playing outside and running around while the Super Bowl was on.

Hey we are two toddler's what do we care. All that matter's to us is having fun.

Day 2 of Nana's Birthday

Since this was the first time Papa and I have been to Disneyland I thought I would take him to meet a couple of my friends. While Mommy went to get Nana a happy birthday pin at City Hall, Nana and Papa took me to see Pluto.

After we had fun with Pluto we went to ride Buzz Lightyear. I did really good I got 800 points all on my own. I am getting better every time I ride this ride. One day I am going to beat Mommy.

After Buzz we went to Fantasyland to ride the Carousel, Pinocchio, Mr Toad and the Teacups. After that we did our fast pass for Autopia so I could tell Papa "drive monkey". Then we went and played in Innovations.

Papa got me some popcorn and we rode the train to Pirates. After that I was ready for a nap and we called it a day. I had fun today.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana

Today is Nana's birthday. After Mommy got off of work she and I went to meet Nana & Papa for dinner in Downtown LA.

It was my first visit to Phillipe's and the first time I got to actually run around Olvera Street. I ran all the way from one end to the other. I loved seeing and playing all over. I am happy I got to spend the evening with Nana and Papa.
After we had our fun Downtown we headed home. Nana and Papa were going to meet us there since they are spending the night.
Mommy and I had to make one quick stop at Coldstone for Nana's birthday cake. I think we picked a good one for her.
We got home and I told everyone it is time to sing Happy Birthday Nana. I patiently waited in my seat for everyone to come. While I was waiting I thought I should sample the cake with my little fingers. (It's a good thing Nana thinks I am cute and she did not mind me doing it).
We sang Happy Birthday and I got to have yummy cake. Then it was time for bed. Tomorrow we are going to Mickey's house to finish celebrating Nana's birthday. This will be the first time I go with Papa. I am very excited.
Happy Birthday Nana, I love you!