Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana

Today is Nana's birthday. After Mommy got off of work she and I went to meet Nana & Papa for dinner in Downtown LA.

It was my first visit to Phillipe's and the first time I got to actually run around Olvera Street. I ran all the way from one end to the other. I loved seeing and playing all over. I am happy I got to spend the evening with Nana and Papa.
After we had our fun Downtown we headed home. Nana and Papa were going to meet us there since they are spending the night.
Mommy and I had to make one quick stop at Coldstone for Nana's birthday cake. I think we picked a good one for her.
We got home and I told everyone it is time to sing Happy Birthday Nana. I patiently waited in my seat for everyone to come. While I was waiting I thought I should sample the cake with my little fingers. (It's a good thing Nana thinks I am cute and she did not mind me doing it).
We sang Happy Birthday and I got to have yummy cake. Then it was time for bed. Tomorrow we are going to Mickey's house to finish celebrating Nana's birthday. This will be the first time I go with Papa. I am very excited.
Happy Birthday Nana, I love you!

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