Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's My Party.........

Today was my 3rd birthday party. Mommy did a bad thing yesterday and let me get a shot without the propper tools on hand. So I was a little bit of a grouchy pants this morning. When my cake arrived I did a little posing in front of the camera in my Ariel dress up.

Then it was time for my party to start. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. I played and watched movies with all my friends and family.

Then it was time for presents. I started opening gifts and their they were Cousin Claudine lost her keys. They were in my present. How funny was that?

It was a nice afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the time we had. I am happy it was a nice day. Even the police showed up next door. But after they left everything was fine. 

Mommy learned her lesson, no shots with out having Tylenol on hand for me.

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