Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Working on getting back to normal.

Today Mya went and had some tests done. So far all looks good. Now we just need to resolve the diarrhea problem. The throwing up seems to have stopped. We are still feeding her 4 oz on demand. So now we work on her schedule. We go back to the doctor on Thursday to talk about the tests today and to check Mya's weight. Tonight Eddie was playing with Mya and she loves to play with her Daddy. She seems to be making her way back to normal. She either wants to be pulling herself up or throwing herself back. In these two pictures Mya is watching TV upside down on Mommy's lap and having fun laughing away with Daddy. That has been the one thing through this whole thing Mya has been a very happy baby. We love her so much. This has been so hard for all of us. Mommy especially.

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