Friday, December 26, 2008

6 Month Well Baby Check Up!

Today was a busy day. First Mommy and I went to see Dave, Linnea and Kirsten. Linnea and Kirsten played with me on the floor. I got to play with some of Kirsten's toys. Then we went to lunch.

After that Mommy and I headed home to get to my doctor's appointment. Before my appointment Mommy fed me and then I made a huge mess in my pants (it even got in my hair) then after Mommy got me cleaned up Daddy showed up. So we went in for my appointment. First they checked my temperature it was 97.1, then Mommy undressed me for my weight check. I weigh 16 pounds 15 ounces(Mommy thought I weighed at least 18 pounds). My head measured at 16 1/2 inches and my height is 25 1/2 inches. Then Dr. Fanselau came in. When she came in I was sitting up or Tripoding like the doctor said. I was in a very playful mood. Then she checked me out. She said all looks great and I can start eating food, twice a day for right now. Then it was time for my shots. This time Daddy held me and Mommy watched. I cried but before you knew it we were done. I even got my flu shot this time. I go back in a month for another flu shot.

Mommy and Daddy took me home and I got a bath then we went to Target . We needed a few things like A&D and I even got a replacement pair of slippers. Then we went home and I played with a few of my toys.
This is a picture right before my shots. Good Night!


Linnea said...

Hey, she weighs more than Kirsten did at six months! Same height. I'm impressed!

Mya said...

I just went through my saved emails. How much did Kirsten weigh at 6 months? I am happy she is healthy and that is it. I was laughing though that my 6 month baby weighs almost three pounds more then that baby at Saddleback born on the 23rd.

Linnea said...

16 lb. 4 oz. I agree, size is pretty unimportant compared to health.