Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My 1st Christmas Eve!

Today I stayed home with Grandma. Then Daddy came home really early. So he took me to see my GG. This was mine and Daddy's first outing alone. While visiting my GG (Great Grandma Gloria) her and Daddy made me laugh so hard I probably peed my pants. Then after we left GG's we went home Daddy changed me and then we went to Great Uncle Johnny's to spend Christmas Eve. Daddy, his Nina, cousin Yoli, Great Uncle's Johnny and Jessie played cards. Then Mommy came from work. She fed me and changed me. Then they ate Tamales, then since I was the only kid there I got to open my gifts, then it was time for bed so Santa could visit my house. So Mommy took me home and Daddy stayed and played cards for a while. So that was my first Christmas Eve. I am happy I got to see my family today.

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