Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleep over with Papa

Last night Papa came to spend the night as he could not get home due to all the snow. Nana said there had to be more then a foot of snow at her house and that she has never seen it this bad. When Papa got there he played with me and talked to me about how I should hate the snow and love the surf. He also told me that I should not listen to my Auntie Molly and Uncle Josh as they will tell me love the snow and hate the surf. Daddy told Papa I can do both when I get older. So we played then I got tired and fussy and Mommy took me to bed. Mommy, Daddy, Papa and I woke up this morning and Papa said goodbye to me. Papa also said I look like a morning baby as I was in my bed smiling away at him. He and Nana are going to stop by Saturday before Uncle Brian's birthday. So I will get to see them again before Christmas. Daddy checked the weather last night and they said that we might get another storm like this one and I may get a White Christmas at Nana and Papa's.

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