Monday, November 10, 2008

Poor Baby...........

Mya has had a cold since she got her shots. We have been to the doctor several times since then and tried several different treatments. Today we have ruled that it is a viral infection. Eddie and I have also found out the usually when preemies get their first major cold it is usually worse or harder to recover then normal. Today things got worse. Since today after Mya's doctors visit we have now taken Mya off of her normal formula and put her on Soy based formula. We have also taken Mya off of 4 oz of water a day and now she will get 6 oz of Pedialyte a day. These two changes were made after our appointment as she has developed other problems. I feel so bad for Mya as she can not tell us how she feels or tell us what is wrong. The doctor said it should all run its course within two weeks. Which will put us at Saturday, the day of her baptism. So I apologize in advance if Mya is moody on Saturday.

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