Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meghan's Babyshower

Today was my cousin Meghan's baby shower. Nana met us at our house then Mommy, Nana and I went to Mary's for the party. It was a nice afternoon. I got to play one of the games too. I got to be put in a diaper made out of toilet papers. My team did not win, but it is OK it was fun, after I got my bottle. I can't wait for my new cousin to be here. My cousin Bree always comments on how many outfits I have. So I modeled three different ones. Mommy is always changing me after I spit up. Maybe thats why I like to be spit up so much, so Mommy will change me. It was nice to spend the day with all the girls and see everyone again. I love to see my family when ever I can.

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