Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mya went for a dip!!!!

Mya was Baptized today. It was a nice day I was hoping that she would be better and it looks like she was. I am so happy that things went well. Everything went well except for one thing......the taco lady was late. Due to the fires around us she was two hours late. I thank everyone for their patients in waiting for her. Mya did well in the church she ate mid ceremony and fell asleep upon her last suck of her bottle. Eddie broke her candle, I dropped the candle and Gabriel did his best to make it look good. Other then that I want thank everyone for coming and we enjoyed your company. We would also like to thank Mya's Nino and Nina's for sharing our special day with us.

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Gabriellespace said...

I am glad Mya had a good day. We too will be getting Gabby "dipped"
Have a good week!