Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mya is all ready for Fall.

Today Mommy and Daddy took me to Picture People in the Valencia mall. There we got to meet Mommy's long time friend Nancy. They took lots of pictures of me for my 4 month pictures with my Thanksgiving Dress on, and even my upcoming baptism. Here are a couple of Mommy's favorite pictures. After the pictures were done Nancy asked Mommy if she would mind if they hung my picture in the gallery. And of course Mommy said OK.
Then after we were all done Mommy, Daddy and I went across the street to meet Nana and Papa for dinner at Islands. Papa had never been there. He liked it. Papa and I had a good time watching all the surf movies. Papa always makes me laugh.
So we had a good afternoon and evening. Mommy is happy with my pictures and I am happy I got to see Nana and Papa.

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Gabriellespace said...

cassie these came great, btw if you ever need coupons let me know lol i get tons of them that i never get to use lol!