Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby

This morning Mommy and I were on the west side. First we went to Wilmington to drop off some signs for Walk to Remember, Los Angeles. There I got to meet Nikki. She is helping Mommy with the signs. Nikki even let me color with marker while she was talking with Mommy.

After we left Wilmington we went to Westchester to go to Abby's 2nd birthday party.

I had so much fun there. I first played in Eli's room with his train table. I loved playing with the Choo Choo's. After I was done playing with the trains I went to play on the slide in the living room. I had fun strapping the dolly into the stroller, then rolling the stroller down the slide. Then it was time to eat. I ate a little Mac N Cheese and the lunch meat out of 3 sandwiches. It was then time for cupcakes. They were so pretty and so good.

Then I said my good byes as it was nape time.

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