Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Complete Family Day.

After Mommy's successful day yesterday she promised me we would go to Mickey's House on Sunday. All week I have been reminding Mommy "Mickey's House on Sunday"

So this morning Mommy and Daddy got me up and ready and we were off to Mickey's House. I even took my Sophia with me.

We had a nice morning. We rode the train so I could see the dinosaurs and we watched the Disneyland Band, we even rode some rides. I love going to Disneyland with both Mommy and Daddy.

We also went to California Adventure. My new favorite thing to do there is "Turtle Talk with Crush" I love to say "cha" "dude". We also go to meet Scully from Monsters, Inc. He gave Daddy and I sure a huge hug.

I am so proud of my Mommy and I am happy we had a nice morning together, just the three of us.

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