Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am A Busy Little Girl!

After “Super Fun Day” (or night) with Daddy, Mommy put me in my horsey so she could finish cooking dinner for her and Daddy. I love my horse he makes me laugh and jump so high. But I get moody if Mommy gets too busy and does not clap and sing to me while I bounce. Tonight I bounced for a long time. Mommy finish dinner and so Daddy moved me and my horsey closer to the table so I would be close to them while they ate. After about five minutes more of jumping I did not want to jump anymore so Daddy put me back in my highchair so they could finish eating. I was very interested in Mommy’s mashed potatoes so she gave me a taste. They were good so she gave me another taste. Mashed Potatoes are good. After I was done with my two little bites Mommy gave me a paper towel to clean my face, If you look close there is still some mashed potato on my nose. Then I tried to eat the paper towel (it is a good thing Mommy buys Viva).

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