Friday, November 26, 2010

The Dentist

My Mommy likes to schedule doctor appointments for me on days that she is off. So what did she do today? She scheduled my first dentist appointment for me. So after Mommy, Aunt Bea and Grandma took me to my annual Black Friday lunch, it was time for the dentist.
So we went and we waited, and waited and
waited some more.
Finally it was my turn. They checked out my teeth. We now know that I am missing 4 molars that should come in sometime in the next year. After she check and said I have no cavities. After the dentist asked if I she could clean my teeth. So Mommy said if they could do it, go ahead.
Before I knew it they were done. It was easy. They said I was very good and gave me a princess wand to have. I will go back in May for another check up.

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