Friday, December 25, 2009

More on Merry Christmas

After my nap Mommy got me dressed to leave. Right then Nana and Papa arrived to see me. I was so excited to see them. So then we opened more gifts. Nana and Papa made me a train. Papa put it together and Nana painted it. It is called "The Mya". I love it. After that Daddy went with Papa and Nana came with Mommy and I and we were off the Chino Hills to spend Christmas Day with our Gutierrez side of the family. It was fun. I got to play with Liam and Kiki. I got to visit with everyone and we had a great time. We ate dinner. I could not stop eating Nana's banana nut and pumpkin mini muffins. They were the perfect size for me. Plus since I have not really had too much to eat for a week and half it was nice to eat. So far so good with the Organic 2% milk.

After dinner we went to the Jojola side of our family. We went to cousin Teresa's house. There I got to play with Noah, Andrew and Luke. I liked playing with Noah.

I think it was a nice Christmas, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

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