Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Big Pacific Ocean.

This morning before we came home Daddy wanted to go to Cabrillo Park. They talked about it on our Seal tour. So we drove to the park. We first went to the Pacific Ocean side of the park. There was a lot to see there. I got to see the ocean (for the second time I was only 12 days old when we went the first time to the Redondo Pier). It was neat. Daddy took me all over. Daddy showed me a Crabby Mya, we sat on the rocks, we saw several different kinds of birds. It was very neat. Then we drove to the Harbor side of the park. We saw the Cabrillo National Monument. I even got my first diaper change at a National Monument. This nice couple took a family picture for us. It was a nice morning before we came home. I look forward to going to the beach some time this summer and playing in the water.

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