Monday, April 20, 2009

Memo from the "Big Girl" Department:

So there are several things I am doing like a "Big Girl" these days. The first is since I got my teeth I have not taken a Binky. So yesterday Mommy packed those away. Just in case she kept three, you never know what might happen. Speaking of packing things away, the other thing she packed up are my bottles. I am now drinking full time from a Sippy Cup. That's right I have not had a bottle since Friday afternoon at Dr. Fanselau's office. Also I am taking a break from my horse at the moment, I don't think he is fun at the moment. I think it is more fun to sit on the floor and scoot around and play with my toys. So right now the horse is corralled in the dining room and maybe we will take a ride next week. We'll see. I also enjoy my new swing I got for Easter since I love to be outside.

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