Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have a what?

Bladder infection. I have been having fevers since Monday. Mommy, Miss Yolanda and Grandma all thought they were from teething. But this morning at 2:30am I woke up screaming. Mommy checked my temp, it was 103.3. So Mommy and Daddy gave me Tylenol. They waited a half hour and it did not start coming down. So we went to Urgent Care. Urgent Care did blood work and checking me out, they also gave me Motrin and got my fever down to 99.7. So I got to go home. We slept a while then Mommy called Dr. Fanselau's office to make me an appointment like they asked we do. So they saw me. After going through several tests they finally figured out it was a bladder infection. They gave me a shot of Antibiotic and I have to go back tomorrow for another. Then I will be on more Antibiotics for 20 days after that I will have to have a couple more tests done to make sure I am OK.

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