Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

14w4d: After a small misunderstanding about our insurance we finally saw Dr. Shah. In the one appointment we had with Dr. Shah he spent 2 times more time with us then Dr. Devore. We spent about 45 minutes doing a in depth ultrasound. "A" is still fighting. She (we will assume she is a she) is still fighting. Her problems are fluid in the skull and neck. There is also fluid in her lungs. Even thought the babies are still to small to tell the sexes yet he told us that most likly "A" is a girl due to the type of defects. "B" is still growing great and is very active. We saw her kicking and moving her arms. So Dr. Shah would like to see us back in two weeks, if "A" is still with us then we need to start looking into reduction. I really don't like that word but now our focus is on "B" we need to do what is medically best for "B". On a happy note I think I felt the babies move in the last two nights. I was sitting in the same place both times. That was neat. I wish Eddie could have felt it. I am sure as time goes on he will get to feel it.

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