Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My vacation........

Mommy and I went on vacation with Nana and Papa. We left our house on Wednesday evening after Mommy for off work. We drove to Grandma and Grandpa's so say good bye. Then we went to say good bye to Daddy. Then it was time to drive up to Nana and Papa's house. Then at 9pm we hit the road.

We drove to Flagstaff Arizona. When we got to Flagstaff Nana, Papa and Mommy rested their eyes. We all woke up at 6 am. We all got changed and hit the road again. We stopped about 8 am for breakfast in a little town in Utah. After breakfast we hit the road again. As we were driving through Monument Valley Mommy noticed that we were driving in a place that looked familiar. It was. We were driving on the same street Forrest Gump was running on. There were even people stopped in the middle of the road to take pictures.

We stopped for a pit stop and Papa changed the windshield wipers. We were almost to Uncle Josh's house. After another hour of driving I decided I was done. I kept telling Mommy "I'm done!" I wanted out of the car seat. I could not take it anymore. Mommy let me eat chippies to pass the time away.

Finally we got to Uncle Josh's house. We had 5 special visitors to meet us at the Flora Dora Saloon where Uncle Josh works. Billy and his family were there AND Aunt Molly. We had lunch. While eating lunch Billy got some bad news and had to leave. After lunch Uncle Josh took me to have ice cream. After we went to Uncle Josh's house and then we decided it was time to go see the town. So we went to go ride the gondola up to the resort part of Telluride. We walked around to see the town. We got to ride the gondola up to the resort. The gondola is split into two stops. One of the stops was Saint Sophia Station. Mommy got lots of pictures on the stop.

When we got to the top we walked around the resort and stopped and had a drink and a pastry. It was getting late and we decided we would go back down to the town to see what Papa and Josh were doing. On the way down I took a quick snooze.

Uncle Josh and Mommy cooked dinner. Then Papa took us for more ice cream. Then it was time for bed.

The next morning Mommy, Nana and I went to the store to get stuff for breakfast. We ate breakfast and took one more ride on the gondola before leaving Uncle Josh's house.

Our next leg of our trip took us to Utah. It took us about 8 hours to get from Telluride to Salt Lake City. We did stop for lunch and dinner and I did take a nice nap. When we got to Provo there had some road work going on and it caused a delay for us. I thought it would be funny to scream "Ahhhh Ladybug Get You" over and over again at Mommy and Nana. They thought it was funny for the first 10 minutes, then not so much.

We got Aunt Paula's house at about 11pm and I was greeted my Ed. Aunt Paula's dog. He was so fun to play with and we ran all over the place together.

In the morning it was Uncle Larry's birthday so we had a nice breakfast then Aunt Paula took us shopping and for lunch and more ice cream.

After lunch we drove to Park City to stay the night with Auntie Molly. When we got to Auntie Molly's house her roommate had another little dog for me to play with. His name is Howie!

After we got settled we drove over to the resort and got to play all over. We went down the Alpine Slide 3 times. We rode the carousel and I also got to super jump on the trampoline while hooked up to bungees. I had so much fun.

The next morning we went and had breakfast and made a stop at Auntie Molly's work for some CANDY. I like that she works at Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory. It was time to start our trip home.

After we left Papa took us on ANOTHER "scenic route" so we drove all afternoon. We hit major rain in Cedar City. Mommy, Nana and Papa showed me where her Nana and Poppy lived. We drove another 2 hours and finally made it to Las Vegas.

Mommy let me stay up to watch 1 light show on Fremont then it was time for bed. While waiting for the show to start I got to dance to some funky 70's music. We woke up had breakfast and we were on the road again.

We arrived home on Monday afternoon. The first place Mommy took me was to see GG. Our family got some bad news while we were away and I needed to see GG to be sure she was OK.

I really had a nice trip. I hope to go again.

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