Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So this week has been a crazy week. I spent the first half of the week with Grandma then on Thursday I went to Nana's. All this until Mommy got better. Yesterday Mommy came to join me at Nana's. She is feeling better, when I saw her I was a little mad at her but I soon got over it. This afternoon I took a 3 hour nap so when I woke up I went Trick or Treating to Raymond's and Nana's new neighbors. After that Mommy let me try my first sucker (that she knows of), It was delicious. We then went to Nana's and Papa's friends house where I got to see Ashli, Tara, Maribeth and my friend John who I played with at the park on Thursday evening. So I would say it was a nice Halloween, not what I had planned but nice.

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