Friday, July 24, 2009

What happend Aunt Martha?

I guess we are not going to Aunt Martha's tonight.

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nina said...

OMG I just seen this. I love my little Mya. You can come over anytime okay? Tell mommy or daddy maybe even Grandma Alice will bring you! I would soooo love to spend some Girlie time, just me and you. I can put play fingernails on your tiny hands and polish them in any color you like. I have a lot of colors to choose from.

There is something very special we can work on. I have a daydream of all my little nieces and nephews dancing to a favorite song of mine, Spirit in the Sky. Since you are the dancer in the family, well just like your Auntie, ME, you would be perfect to get the moves together. Then teach them to the others so I can video tape it. I have some awesome moves for this song.

Well, my sweet niece think about it and get back to me, okay. Auntie Martha loves you Mya! You make me smile.