Tuesday, February 19, 2008

16w4d: Second appointment with Dr. Shah this afternoon. Baby "A" is still with us and Baby "B" "looks like a girl, the key words are looks" says Dr. Shah! "A" is measuring at 15w3d and "B" is measuring at 17w0d. So now "A" is not growing propperly as well as her other problems. Eddie is so excited, from the begining he has always said they were two girls. Now Eddie keeps refering to "B" as his little princess. I hope that blows over. As I said before "A" is still with us. As a mentioned in a previous post we now have to go see another specialist for a more indepth Ultrasound to find out if we can or should do reduction. Dr. Shah refered us to a specialist out of Good Sam Hosp. in Los Angeles. I called her office on the way home as Dr. Shah had already called he to get us an appointment ASAP as we are running out of time to do anything. Reduction needs to be done before 20 weeks. So she sheduled me for 11 am on Friday. About 45 minutes later we get a call back from her office saying that they don't accept Blue Cross PPO and if we wanted to see that doctor it would be $1805. So I called Dr. Shah's office back to find out if he has another doctor to refer us to. Eddie got on the phone with Blue Cross to find out what we can do. Dr. Shah's office called us back and found us another Dr. Then 5 minutes later Dr. Shah, personally called us back and asked what had happend and why we were changing doctors. I told him our issue. He warned me that the new doctor does not have good bed side manner but is just as good as the first doctor. Dr. Shah knows our problem that we had with Dr. DeVore and did not want us to have the same problem again. So Eddie and I talked about it and have decided to see the second doctor, that appointment is Friday at 7:00pm at UCLA/Santa Monica.

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